Villas with Lake Como View

Villas with Lake Como View

What could be more beautiful than a house with a view of Lake Como? If the beauty of this pearl of Northern Italy has been immortalized as bastions of all Italians by Manzoni, and in particular in Promessi Sposi, in which the player makes traveling on “That branch of Lake Como turns at noon between two unbroken chains of mountains “, today the fame of this charming holiday resort is mainly due to the Hollywood celebrities that have made Cernobbio, Laglio, Tremezzo, Como, Brunate, Bellagio and around their retreat.

But why always VIP and ordinary people are attracted to Lake Como? What makes a house overlooking the lake a real dream that only a few have the ability to accomplish?

Lake Como and its romantic scenery breathtaking

Beyond the possibility of running into George Clooney turning to shops and markets, Lake Como conquest with its breathtaking scenery, where the deep blue of the lake merges into the green woods and gardens, with the romance of its location more suggestive and with the sophistication of a housing urban that has always been able to efficiently combine beauty and practicality, poetry and comfort, charm and efficiency.

Buying a home with a view of Lake Como

Definitely fall into this category the wonderful homes with views of Lake Como that television and print media have accustomed to seeing in magazines of society news, but on Lake Como there is much more and there are many reasons why people if you can afford to buy or rent a house overlooking this stretch of water from the enchanting beauty.

Why buy a house on Lake Como

Other reasons that contribute to the charm of Lake Como as a place to live or spend relaxing holidays include its geographical location: at the same time away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, but well connected and close enough to both major cities of northern Italy and Switzerland and the rest of Europe, Como is an island of tranquility that allows you to live life away from the noise, smog, overcrowding and bustle city.

– Nature and outdoor sports – Furthermore, the mountain lovers have something to indulge in the Como: the routes that depart from the capital Larian and meander along the lake, parks and hill or through the high mountains offer all the emotions that go in search for nature lovers , hiking and exploring.

– Art and culture – Even those who prefer nature to art, in the area of ​​Como has spoiled for choice between Romanesque churches, buildings of rationalist conception, luxurious neoclassical villas, the ruins of castles, art nouveau buildings, museums, archaeological finds, statues and fountains scattered among lush parks and gardens that make Como a very green city.

Living on Lake Como

And if like many others before you, after a visit that was meant to be brief decide to stay longer on the shores of Lake Como, so long to decide to buy a house overlooking the lake, Francesco Ugoni by Bene Habitare await you at the headquarters of via A. volta, n. 62 to discuss real estate for sale or rent. You will find options to buy apartments inserted in prestigious properties in the town center or independent villas along the lake, see the sections of the site or contact the estate agent at the telephone number +39 031.240063.