Wonderful properties on Lake Como

Wonderful properties on Lake Como

Valuable properties Como

Lake Como is famous all over the world, not only for the beauty of the landscapes and the mild climate, even for the outstanding architectural quality of the buildings that rise along the lake and in the neighboring towns. Those who decide to buy a first home or a holiday retreat on Lake Como has the opportunity to choose from some of the most elegant properties prestigious of Italy and even Europe.


Prestigious villas Lake Como

Even if you can not afford to buy Villa Olmo, Villa Serbelloni, Villa Carlotta, Villa Melzi, Villa Balbaniello or another of the amazing ancient villas that are located on the shores of Lake Como, do not be discouraged: realtors Bene Habitare will offer valuable solutions within the reach of your pockets, you conquistaranno with refined finishes, high quality materials and the ideal organization of space.


Valuable properties Lake Como: buildings vintage vs. modern buildings

Whether you prefer old buildings or buildings of more modern, if what you want is a housing solution elegant and prestigious in the area of Como and along the lake you’ll be spoiled for choice. Residential construction Como stands fact always for the highest level of achievements, not only with regard to independent villas overlooking the lake, but also in relation to different buildings within them are home to several prestigious apartments of varying size.


Valuable properties Lake Como: a safe investment

It is for this reason that the housing market Como takes hard despite the crisis: the brick, it is quality, is an investment to not betray, and our real estate agents with special expertise in the area of Como, Cernobbio, Laglio, Tremezzo, Brunate, Bellagio and surroundings will help you make the right choice.


Valuable properties Lake Como: not just apartments and luxury villas

Not only apartments for sale in the most prestigious properties in the city of Como, but also rent for holidays or all year round. Since 1997 we have worked successfully in the buying and selling of real estate property in Italy and abroad, and we specialize in providing services for all customer needs.

In particular, we assist the customer in the custom search and purchase of residential and commercial properties, providing legal support and deed, and in the planning and execution of any construction work.


Historic villas Lake Como

Throughout the territory of Como and the shores of the lake is still possible to admire splendid examples of villas that are part of the very important cultural and historical heritage Italian. Holiday residences of families of Como and Milan, but also from the rest of Italy and Europe, this patrician houses offer the  opportunity to stay with wealthy families that benefited from the beauty of the temperate climate and landscape Larian.

Since the time in which nobles and scholars from all over Europe were dedicated to the Grand Tour, villas and gardens of Lake Como have been one of the essential goals for the traveler eager to fill your eyes with wonders: even today tourists from all over the world to discover the beauties of Lake Como, where jewels of art nouveau architecture and neoclassical, rationalist and eclectic dot a landscape of incomparable beauty.


The villas of Laglio, Cernobbio, Bellagio, Varenna…

Amazing places such as Laglio with its verdant forests, the famous Villa d’Este in Cernobbio, Varenna, quiet resort that hosts prestigious historic villas like Villa Monastero and Villa Venini, in addition to the remains of a medieval castle in the village of Vezio; Bellagio, called the Pearl of Lake Como for the enchanting beauty of the historic center of ancient villas and churches located between the coastal area and the slopes of the promontory; the beautiful coastal tremezzina, which offers one of the most beautiful in Italy and home to Villa Carlotta, one of the most famous historic villas of the lake that occupies an area of ​​70,000 square meters; Lezzeno, with the spectacular Cave Bulberi, reachable only by the lake; and Colico, which preserved perfectly the two military forts erected on Montague and offers a warm welcome to tourists with numerous bars, pizzerias, restaurants and crotti rustic with typical cuisine and local wine, are just some of the most famous towns overlook Lake Como.


Historic villas and gardens on Lake Como

But the whole Como area boasts the presence of luxurious ancient villas, lush gardens and very well kept, evidence of the historical importance of these resorts not only from the point of view of tourism elite, but also with regard to the art history, architecture and culture.

Lake Como has always been one of the most preferred by Italian and international tourism, and visit the beautiful historic villas and gardens with plants from all over the world who give their best during the spring bloom is right for any lover of beautiful things eager to know the world.


Period villas Lake Como

Land of the master builders who made famous Romanesque art cooperating in the construction of basilicas and churches throughout Europe between the eleventh and twelfth century, Lake Como is home to large urban basilicas, a myriad of small rural churches and countless ancient villas from rare beauty. The resort on the shores of Lake Como is an ancient tradition, dating back to Roman times and celebrated by Pliny the Younger, who was born in the small town of Como in 61 AD


Lake Como: Villa Renaissance

The palatial villas of the late Roman Empire were over the centuries replaced by houses from the simplest structure, but already in the ‘500 began to appear in some of the embryonic period villas most famous and prestigious of Lake Como, including the Villa d ‘Este in Cernobbio, created to house a convent in 1442, near the stream Garovo (hence the original name of Villa del Garovo), then converted into a summer residence for the Cardinal of Como and finally destined to luxury starting since 1873.

1. Villa d’Este
Villa d’Este is a splendid example of ancient villas with their incomparable beauty that fit harmoniously in the idyllic panorama of Lake Como: surrounded by a park of 25 acres, the patrician residence came to be the place of court appointments by war, while today it is a luxury destination for congress tourism senior, in 2009 named best hotel in the world by the US magazine Forbes.

2. Villa Carlotta

In Tremezzo you can instead admire the splendor of Villa Carlotta, other noble residence vintage built by Marquis Giorgio Clerici at the end of 1600 under the name of Villa Sommariva, worth visiting for valuable art collection that includes both to the vast and lush botanical garden that surrounds it, where there are over 150 varieties of azaleas, camellias ancient, rhododendrons, cedar, pine and redwood trees, bamboo, plane trees and tropical plants.

Impressive building yet sober, Villa Carlotta is situated directly on Lake Como, and is the perfect starting point for a visit to the Bellagio peninsula and the mountains behind the lake.


Lake Como – Villas neoclassical period

With the advent of the neoclassical style in the ‘700, and the first 800, the shores of Lake Como are enriched with ancient villas prestigious as Villa Melzi in Bellagio, the Balbianello and Villa Mylius Vigoni, some among the most famous historic villas of Lake Como designed to accommodate the young European who dedicated themselves to the Grand Tour to enrich their culture.


Lake Como: villas twentieth century

Lake Como continues to be enriched by sumptuous mansions even during the ‘900, when their architecture is largely influenced by the Art Nouveau style and the rationalism of Italian origin, mainly thanks to the work of architects such as Giuseppe Terragni and Pietro Lingeri.


Lake Como: villas for sale

The shores of Lake Como always offer gorgeous views that warm the heart in all seasons, which is why this area of ​​northern Italy has always welcomed refined tourism and multicultural. Today places like Laglio, Cernobbio and Tremezzo are also made famous by the visits of local celebrities and VIP Hollywood, attracted by the charm of these places out of time, and are an increasing number of film personalities, politics, art and literature demonstrating appreciation for these magical places.

To help the VIP as well as ordinary people who decide to look for a house on the shores of Lake Como there Bene Habitare, a real estate agency operating throughout Italy and Europe, but particularly specialized in real estate brokerage in the territory of Como and surroundings, which will appeal to a refined and demanding customers.


Luxury Homes Lake Como

Not only George Clooney has chosen to transform the Lake Como in the favorite destination of his holidays: the luxurious villa in Laglio is notoriously become a second home for the Hollywood actor, who did discover the wonders of the lake with some of his actor friends the likes of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz and Matt Damon. But the passion between Hollywood and Lake Como has roots which reach much farther in time, a passion fueled not only by the beauty of the landscape, but certainly also from the many conveniences offered by some of the finest luxury homes in the world.


Luxury Homes Lake Como: Greta Garbo to George Clooney

At first the audience to dream of the big screen, transforming the lake Como in dream scenario for romantic getaways and passionate was nothing less than the divine Greta Garbo, who in one of the most memorable scenes of the Grand Hotel, in 1932, urged his love to run away with her just in Tremezzo. But the Americans had been preceded in these shores by British cousins, who were in the Lake Como the perfect setting for holidays and important ceremonies, including marriages in the first place.

With its temperate climate, never too hot even in the summer, the Lario has always attracted aristocrats and bourgeois middle – upper class who were here refreshment dall’afa no regret over the cool mist of London.


Luxury Homes Lake Como: Bellagio

Particularly loved by the British and Americans have always been Bellagio, called the Pearl of Lake Como for the stunning beauty of its landscape, made even more special by the location in the exact spot where the Lake Como branches in the two southern arms, with the Alps as a backdrop to the northern side of the lake. Here there are some of the finest historic homes and luxurious houses of Lake Como, as Villa Serbelloni and Villa Melzi, buildings of such beauty to embarrass the very concept of “luxury home”.

1. Luxury Homes Bellagio Villa Serbelloni

Now owned by the Rockefeller Foundation in New York, Villa Serbelloni was built in the fifteenth century in place of an old castle that, according to some sources, in turn, was built on the remains of one of the villas of Lake Como Pliny the Younger, in a dominant position with respect to town. This luxury villa surrounded by picturesque maze of walkways surrounded by vegetation that make up the gardens open to the public today hosts international conferences, often organized by American scholars.

2. Luxury Homes Bellagio Villa Melzi

Western is located on the lakefront instead Villa Melzi, between Bellagio and Como. Historic home private property of the family Melzi and proclaimed a national monument together with the property that surrounds it, the luxury house is still inhabited by the descendants of the branch Gallarati Scotti, therefore can not be visited. However, are open to the public Chapel neoclassical and a small museum that houses archaeological collections, paintings and sculptures, including the statue of Dante and Beatrice that inspired a famous Franz Liszt sonata.

3. Luxury Homes Bellagio: Villa Ricordi

Among the lucky guests of this wonderful house on Lake Como belong also Stendhal, who certainly was enchanted by the charm of this dream location as the great Giuditta Pasta, who retired in a magnificent villa in Blevio. It seems that the luxury homes of Lake Como are able to inspire great things for musicians, if you think that Giuseppe Verdi composed the Bohème thinking about the most famous soprano just 800 in one of the rooms of Villa Ricordi Cadenabbia, fraction Griante lies on a broad plateau at about fifty meters above the lake of Como, in front of the Bellagio promontory, with the massive Grigne background.


Luxury homes and stately homes Lake Como

When it comes to luxury homes is a must cite the dream homes of the aristocratic and wealthy families who have always chosen Lake Como as a place of relaxation and refreshment: with its quiet beaches, temperate climate and breathtaking scenery The Lario is a paradisiacal setting for the most romantic and passionate but also for the important occasions to celebrate with family and friends.

Today many of the luxury homes that are located on the shores of Lake Como are for sale: if you want to turn your dreams into reality, the real estate agency Bene Habitare certainly the proposals that are right for you. Visit us at our office in via A. Volta, n. 62 in Como.


Luxury villas on Lake Como

Who has not heard of the wonderful luxury villas and elegant historic homes that arise on the shores of Lake Como? One of the most sought after tourism destinations Italian our national and international in every season, because in every time of year can give different emotions with its colors and scents, Lake Como is nestled between the lush mountains and picturesque landscapes.

It is not difficult to understand why the wealthier families from nearby Milan, from the rest of Italy and increasingly also from Europe and the United States have chosen this dream setting as the seat of their princely residences: from Pliny the Younger, who was born in Como around 61-62 AD, to those of George Clooney, no VIP, aristocratic or prominent businessman who does not dream of owning a luxury villa on Lake Como, permanent residence or vacation of Italian and foreign enthusiastic landscape and temperate climate.

From Laglio in Cernobbio, from Varenna to Bellagio from Tremezzo to Lezzeno, there are countless tourist able to leave speechless even the most jaded of tourists. Because the beauty of Lake Como comes from a unique and inimitable blend of nature and culture, the magical place where the shades of blue blend and mingle with the shades of green, giving peace and serenity to the human soul.

The luxurious villas built over the centuries on the shores of the lake have the quality to fit harmoniously into the landscape and are examples of classical architecture extremely functional. Even today you can admire the wonderful Art Nouveau villas and neo-Renaissance, examples of rationalism and eclecticism, the neoclassical and modern buildings, which are among the most successful examples of integration between man and nature.

It seems incredible, but many of the most beautiful luxury villas of Lake Como are now on sale: often these “family homes” that the heirs do not want or can not keep, and therefore decided to sell to the highest bidder. The real estate market of luxury on Lake Como is becoming more attractive to international customers sophisticated and passionate, if recommended by industry experts with a thorough knowledge of the area, they can make excellent business even in times of crisis.

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